Venturing Roundtable

Venturing Roundtable

  • To help ensure crews/ships are successful.
  • To motivate adult leaders and youth officers.
  • To provide training information.
  • To provide information about District and Council events.
  • Plan events on district and/or council level
  • Provide networking opportunities for the adult leaders and youth officers
  • Allows youth input into the district program
  • Youth attendance will promote and support the Venturing program as Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts may become curious.
  • Allows for presentations of materials needed for advancement.
  • Allows for special recognition of youth and adults for their accomplishments.


As Venturing continues to grow across the country and our area, it is vital to ensure that the same backbone of service and support is provided to Venturing leaders they are accustomed to from the Cub Scout and Boy Scout roundtables.

A roundtable provides a great opportunity for Venturing leaders to meet each other, network, and share ideas for crew events. This also makes for a great marketing aspect in recruiting new Venturing leaders and units, in that new individuals immediately have a peer network for questions and ideas to spark their program.

The Phoenix District Venturing roundtable is held in conjunction with Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtable meetings. As a number of Boy Scout leaders may have dual responsibility between a Troop/Team and a Crew please feel free to come by at your leisure and meet the Venturing Roundtable staff.

Youth Involvement

Youth play a critical part in the Venturing program. The relationship between adults and youth in Venturing fosters a collegial dependence on each other.  

We invite the Crew and Ship members to attend as much as interested or desired. It is not mandatory but offers opportunities and Venturing is Youth led.


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