District Pubmobile

October 4, 2014

Location: WoodsEdge Community Church   

Pushmobile is a relay race using simple, homemade, Cub Scout-powered cars. The purpose of this event is to have fun, promote participation in a team effort, and to provide an activity where "Doing Your Best" is most important. 


  • Pushmobile helps the scouts work together as a team and having fun.
  • We have lots of trophies to hand out to scouts!!!
  • We have lots of activities for the scouts and siblings to do during the day as well. Some go towards advancements, beltloops, special awards and some go for just plain fun! These are all free!! More to be announced, so stay tuned!
  • Food will be sold at the event.
  • Bring your entire family! Sorry, no pets though
  • This is a great recruiting event for your den or your pack! Have scouts and guest come out and be part of a fun District Cub Scout Event. Why shouldn't you be part of this too?!
  • This is the event to end the year with on a very high energy note!

Helpful Resources 

Pushmobile Basic Diagram Pushmobile Schematics and Photos Pushmobile Rules 

Quick Questions and Answers

What if we do not have enough for a team? If you have a pushmobile car, we will find racers. If you have racers and no pushmobile car, then we will find you a pushmobile car. 

I don't think we can race because... There is nothing Pushmobile cannot overcome to suit the needs of all our scouts. If there is a special need, then we will work with the team or scout. This is NOT the event to miss for any reason!!! Contact us and let us tell you how we will make this event work for you and your scout. 

My Pack or den is not participating, can we race still? ABSOLUTELY! We prefer everyone sign-up as a team first, but we understand that not everyone can make it to the race. So, sign-up as an individual after you have exhausted all other options of finding a team and let us find a team for you. 

I have an idea for Pushmobile that might make a great activity for the scouts. Who do I contact? E-mail Paul Stevens at Pushmobile.Phoenix@gmail.com. We have an Activities Coordinator that will be handling all of these activities for our scouts and siblings to enjoy while they are waiting for their race. 

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